Beautiful Doors for Your Home in the Oakville Area

Entry Doors are the introduction of your style to the outside world, and at our site…Doors Oakville, the focus is on creating a beautiful entranceway for your home.


Everyone wants their front way to make an impressive impact as it’s the first impression your visitors will have of your beautiful home. With custom designed doors you have the freedom to create that distinctive image that fits your unique style.

Our doors are custom designed and custom built, available in wood, steel, or  fibreglass. We offer a wide range of designs, wood types, stain colours, glass options, and hardware to choose from.  Home entry doors include single entry, double entry, entry doors with sidelights, and entry doors with transoms. With Custom doors you are not limited to standard door sizes and can pick from narrow, wide oversize, or tall doors.

Doors in dramatic shapes and sizes, from arched to gothic to elliptical, you design the door that will enhance your homes existing architecture.  Once you decide on the perfect door you can then add striking sidelights and transoms in stained or bevelled glass that can complete the visual impact of your entryway with the added bonus of bringing natural light into your home.

Our solid custom wood doors are hand crafted from the highest quality material available from mahogany, oak or cherry. Each door will have its own distinctive character and natural beauty.

Fibreglass exterior doors are becoming more popular in the exterior glass doors market. Fiberglass doors can be beautifully decorative while at the same time strong and durable, resisting dents and scratches.  Glass styles include leaded glass, bevelled glass, stained glass and architectural glass doors.

With fibreglass doors you have greater options for picking unique designs such as bevelled glass doors. Bevelled glass can be used for oblique designs in triangular and diagonal shapes creating interesting rainbow light patterns by picking up the reflections of the colours of your interior entryway. You can decide on the level of privacy you are most comfortable with by choosing clear or patterned bevelled glass.

Timeless appeal, beauty and elegance, these glass doors will never go out of style.

French Doors

If you’re thinking of updating your home with a fresh new look why not take into account French Patio Doors.

Normally employed on patios, porches, and for entry into the backyard, French doors are a good way to brighten your interior with natural sunlight. French patio doors are decorative also as functional and can improve your house décor.
French doors create a gorgeous framework for viewing your outdoor garden, patio or deck.

Choose your doors from a wide assortment of styles from sliding to hinged doors in ranging from conventional to modern contemporary designs. French style sliding doors combine the look of French doors with the space saving design of sliding doors. Hinge doors can swing out or in depending on your preference and room size. Whatever style you choose French Patio doors will add sophistication and charm to your property.

Doors are made from many types of material. The most popular are wood, steel, aluminium or fibreglass. Wood is most preferred simply because of its high high quality, and distinct beauty. But if durability and less maintenance are a priority vinyl, metal or aluminium may be additional preferable possibilities to pick.

Fiberglass doors are durable, waterproof, and stand up to outside elements. Cold air is kept outside while letting in natural light. Fiberglass doors have the benefit of allowing for exclusive designs and distinctive glass styles.

Various glass styles range from stained to bevelled glass and fully customized to your preference. One of the features of glass, is that it will filter light into your interior but can offer privacy also depending on the sort of glass you choose to select. Bevelled glass will break up rays of sunlight casting pleasing patterns of light into the interior of your house whilst still maintaining your privacy.

You can order your doors inside the custom sizes you desire. Select from multiple panel configurations and a wide selection of hardware and grid choices. Do not forget French Patio doors are a feature residence buyers seek, so rest assured you might be making a sound investment that adds real value to your property. You’ll be able to make a dramatic change to your property décor without going by means of loads of renovations.

Fiberglass Doors – Tips for Buying

When it comes to home improvement, putting your best foot forward means having a front door you can be most proud of. More than the porch or patio, the front door is the focal point of a house. In the eyes of onlookers and visitors, it is the platform on which you convey your house’s personality. Aged wood doors might suggest an easygoing unit whereas sleek steel doors might hint at an urban household. Certainly, fiberglass entry doors signify that you are getting the best of both worlds. They are lightweight yet hardwearing. Long after your neighbors’ wooden doors can no longer stand fluctuating temperatures and repeated use, fiberglass will continue showing its worth. It is only a matter of finding the right one for your functional and aesthetic needs.

1. Do not settle for just one.

Wood, fiberglass and steel are the current choices of surface material for doors in the market. In the past, a door would have been built from one of these materials alone but there are newer doors made from a combination of materials. Some doors have a steel interior and wood exterior. Steel rusts and dents while wood rots, cracks, splits and bows. Wood expands and contracts as the weather changes. Fiberglass is not vulnerable to such wear and tear as wood and steel are. Your best option is an entry door of composite material in which fiberglass is the main make, perhaps with a wood frame where handcrafting and other exquisite detailing are achievable.

2. Look at the big picture.

The door is an entryway to the house and must harmonize with it. Fiberglass entry doors straddle looks, with classic and modern styles complementing the natural and man-made elements of the outdoor environment. Be sure to browse through a broad selection of panel styles, glass configurations, pre-finishes and finishes. These diverse features have come to be offered with architects, remodelers and homeowners in mind. A wood grain finish like oak or mahogany approximates real wood, evoking warmth and traditional beauty against a siding like brick or concrete. Remember that exterior doors should go with interior and patio doors as well as windows, which in turn should not clash with important furniture like a sofa or bed, so having hints of wood on the front door might be sensible.

3. Consider name-checking.

Big brands are in the lead of advancing fiberglass entry doors in the market, recognizing that they have become increasingly popular. Long trusted names like Masonite and Milgard are focused on quality control, as with the former’s high-end Barrington product line and the latter’s vertically integrated production. Benchmark by Therma-Tru, recognized product pioneers, and Feather River are zooming in on innovation, both having entry door systems that offer security and peace of mind. As door makers vie for market leadership, they would naturally make a wider variety of better products available to you conveniently. Test these products as a point of reference – latch one, lock another, swing them open and close. Taking cues from name brands when fiberglass door shopping should help you make informed choices in regard to functionality and design.

4. Think long-term.

Fiberglass door products already come at competitive costs due to rising customer demand. In addition, they insulate 3 to 5 times better than doors made from wood and help brighten rooms with natural light, which means you can save energy. On top of these, they are unlike wood doors that necessitate constant repairs and quicker replacements. Fiberglass entry doors are a smart investment for their durability, efficiency, contemporary appeal and staying power. Buying one will cost you less in the long run.

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Wood Doors

For many years UPVC plastic has been the popular choice of material for front doors but recently more and more homes appear to be opting for wood as the material of choice.

Wooden front doors are an excellent way of enhancing your home’s style as they are an extremely classy addition to any house. They can be very elegant in design but not at the expense of security.

Below are 10 great reasons why wooden doors may be just what you are looking for in your home:

1. Hardwood, durable construction.

2. The factory applied microporous paint system which is included as a matter of course by many manufacturers is low maintenance and all extremely high quality.

3. An insurance approved night latch will often be included in the package.

4. Insurance approved five lever mortise lock.

5. Extremely tough laminated safety glass.

6. Easily fitted with spy holes, slide bolts, chains and letter box covers.

7. Double glazed units filled with argon gas for improved thermal performance.

8. Manufactured to include a full but discreet weather sealing.

9. Panel designs and mouldings can be traditional in style or contemporary.

10. All styles of home can be catered for as there are numerous designs to choose from.

On top of the excellent features mentioned above, there is the additional benefit that the doors can be easily decorated to suit your home by either opting for a painted finish or otherwise selecting a varnished or stained finish. The UPVC plastic examples that we have become familiar with are more limited when it comes to design and colour, with only a few colour variations around – though mostly white.

Of course wood as a construction material has been used for many years for doors in traditional style homes, but it is increasingly popular for doors and windows in contemporary style homes too. Another excellent way to incorporate wooden doors is as double opening front doors which can be very impressive to look at and also extremely practical when it comes to moving your large furniture into the house.

With wood as a door material, repairs can be a DIY procedure but with proper maintenance repairs should be un-necessary – or at least very rare.

Bespoke designs can usually be provided by the manufacturers to cater exactly for your specific needs. Many of these manufacturers are also very experienced and professional installers of the doors and so can be trusted to make an excellent job of the removal of your existing door and the installation of your new one.

So if you are at the stage of considering the type or style of front door for your house renovation or new build project, don’t forget to consider this classy option. Contact a supplier or manufacturer and see if they might have exactly what your home would benefit from.

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Patio Doors

A patio door is a sliding glass door with a large pane of glass which allows the natural light to shine in to the house.  Because of the large amount of glass, it allows the occupants of the home to get a great view of the outdoors.

The traditional patio door is comprised of two components.  One window which remains stationary and the other that slides open.

These doors (also known as garden doors) are made with either wood, steel, fiberglass or aluminum frames.

Steel Doors

If you are looking to replace your front entry door, one of your options is to go with a steel door.

Steel doors sound quite industrial, but they aren’t. They provide the homeowner with a cost effective and secure choice. Quality steel doors are typically stronger than fiberglass or wood doors (and less expensive). Although steel doors get scratched and dented, these minor repairs can be made.

These doors can be pleasing to the eye, as many are embossed with a wood grain to give them a more elegant look.

You can also add plain glass, stain glass and various inserts to beautify your entrance.